"It is through the body that you realize you are a spark of divinity" - B.K.S Iyengar
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Take Control of Your Energy and Channel It

Everything in the universe is energy, every living cell and every physical object is constantly in vibration on a subatomic level. The rate of the vibration determines the frequency. When something is vibrating at a low frequency it is heavier and darker in character and if it is of a high frequency it is lighter and associated with positive characteristics.

Everything is energy which means everything can affect anything and everything else. The frequency at which it vibrates determines its qualities.

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Most of us have experienced energy to some degree. Maybe you’ve sensed that someone has walked into the same room as you without even seeing or hearing them. You might have met someone and for some reason did not feel at ease around them only to find out that for good reason. You may have met someone at an event and found yourself saying ‘I love their energy’. If you have ever experienced something like this then you have experienced energy at work.

We are all energy which gives us the ability to affect other energies around us and at the same token the things around us have the ability to affect us. How the energy around us affects us and how we affect it is dependent on our vibrational frequency.

Most of us are not aware of the energy we possess and the energy around us because we live unconsciously. The energy we surround ourselves with ripples over into other areas of our lives. This is why it is important to be aware of the environments we subject ourselves to, the people we choose to allow into our lives, the thoughts we choose to dwell on and the various other forms of energy we succumb ourselves to such as the food we consume, the books we read, music we listen to, social media we engage in and television we watch.

We manifest our lives without knowing it through our thoughts, habits, patterns, actions, the things we say, the words we use and everything we expose ourselves to. It is only when we realize what we are putting out there, what we are allowing in, what we are surrounding ourselves with and how we handle these energies can we start to create the life we want by taking control and changing our energy frequency.

A person that has an energy vibrating at a low frequency will be more stagnant, unhealthy, distant, stressed, experience negative emotions and thoughts. While someone with a high energy frequency will feel lighter, healthier, more self-aware, content, emotionally balanced and grounded.

If you want to attract negative emotions, thoughts and experiences into your life then you can by focusing on the external world of negative energy and engaging with low energy frequencies. If you want to attract positive emotions, thoughts, experiences and live a life of abundance then focus on fine tuning your energy.

We all experience hardships and even though there is no overnight solution to every problem doing nothing will not bring change. Changing the energy within us and focusing on the energies we want in our life is one small thing we can do to make a difference.

Start by focusing on your own energy and getting your energy flowing first. Decide what energy you want to be because that will determine the life you live. Once you are aware of that then you need to channel your energy into the things that will serve you and help you become the energy you want to be. Re-focusing your energy does not make other things go away but with time they became smaller, they change once you change and as you change they become more insignificant and easier to let go.

Take the time to ask yourself question like:

  • Do you allow negative people and the media around you to weigh you down, make you pessimistic and feel drained?
  • Do you allow yourself to engage in thoughts that have no value in your life?
  • Do you allow the stress from any given area in your life to affect your overall health and well-being?
  • Are you aware that you are energy?
  • Where do you focus your energy?
  • Are you channelling your energy into things that will help your energy flow and vibrate at a higher frequency?

The energies you surround yourself with affect your overall well-being and will spill over into all aspects of your life without you maybe even knowing it. Which is why we need to become aware and take control of our energy.

We give it to the world so freely and mostly unconsciously, we allow the world around us to play with our energy and alter it by treating us a certain way, exposing us to certain things, forcing us to give into societal pressures. We need to ask ourselves if we are allowing our environments to sway us here and there without our permission, are we in control of our energy and are the energies in our lives serving us.

Energy is like fire, the more wood you throw into the fire the bigger it gets, so the more you focus on negative energy the bigger it gets. Stop adding fuel to energies that don’t serve you. If you take control of your energy and channel it consciously into the things that will benefit you, you will no longer be controlled and steered by the negative energies around. You will start to steer yourself and be the captain of your own ship. Some energies you might be able to just physically remove out of your life, others you may be stuck with but it is only temporary if you take control and make the change.


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