"It is through the body that you realize you are a spark of divinity" - B.K.S Iyengar
Photo by Patrick Schneider on Unsplash

About Flow with Yoga

Flow with Yoga is all about flowing through life with yoga by your side.

I started practicing Hatha Yoga when I was about 12 years old. I was in a book shop going through the sales section and came across a yoga book which caught my attention. I had done ballet in my younger years and dancing so this looked really cool, right up my alley. Without much convincing my mother bought me the book. I read through it from cover to cover and was fascinated by the exercises and the benefits it mentioned. I worked my way through it learning the various poses and sequences described. I found myself doing it every day and at such a young age I was still supple and loved the stretching aspect of it.

When life got busy, I did it on and off but found myself regularly coming back to it. When I went through tough times in my teens, multiple immigration's, changing schools or jobs, feeling like I didn’t fit in and all sorts of other life challenges, I found myself time and time again turning to yoga. Over the years it became my tool for dealing with stress, for introspection, going through difficult times and coming back to it when struggling to make decisions. It eventually also became my way of finding a spiritual connection to the universe and using it to take time out to give thanks for the good things in my life too.

I have found it to be a perfect tool for finding balance in my life. It provides harmony between the physical, mental and emotional aspects of our bodies. It is very calming and even at the young age of twelve after a few weeks of doing it I noticed I didn’t react to other kids as quickly and aggressively as I used to when they would try to get a reaction out of me.

I made the decision that this is something that clearly needs to stay in my life and that I needed to make a permanent commitment to it. I registered to do my teacher training purely to dig deeper into my own practice but when I completed it, I had a feeling that this is not the end. This is taking me somewhere, I didn’t know where and actually still don’t, but I am so at peace and enjoy guiding others through their practice that I am happy to just ride this wave and see where it takes me.

Yoga has had a positive impact on my life and Flow with Yoga was started to spread the word on this ancient practice and share information, lessons and stories related to life, yoga postures, breathing, meditation, philosophy, healthy living, spirituality and all things Yoga related in hopes that it too may benefit others and perhaps become your guide and tool when flowing through life.


Registered Yoga Teacher